Rental Process & Policies

The Rental Process

So you've browsed our inventory, seen our styling photos, and daydreamed about all the time you'll save by having us design, craft, and decorate for you? Awesome! We're so excited to work with you. Follow these instructions and you’ll be on your way to the event of your dreams!

Planning Stages

1. Browse our rental inventory and make a list of items you’d like for your event. On your wish list, note how many of each item you’d like to rent, and when possible indicate how you plan on using the item. If you’d like to see our rental inventory in person or need a little help envisioning how to use the vintage items that catch your eye, we’d be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation in our studio. And don’t forget that we can conduct a custom search for you if you have an item in mind that we don’t currently have in our rental inventory.

2. Once you’ve compiled your list, use our online contact form to send us your basic information and list of desired rental items. Also indicate which handmade decorations(if any) you’re interested in purchasing, whether you’re interested in our delivery, event design, styling, or clean-up services, and what color scheme or theme you’ve picked for your event.

3. After we receive your information, we’ll contact you within 2 business days to discuss your order. We’ll confirm the availability of the items on your wish list, discuss any necessary alternatives, and ask any relevant follow-up questions to help complete your rental. If necessary we may ask for you to come to our studio and view rental items or crafts during a complimentary selection session. And if you’re interested in our design or styling services, we’ll arrange those details too.

4. When we’ve responded to confirm your rental list and which services you’re interested in, you’ll approve the final list and we’ll email your contract. In order to reserve your items and date, you'll submit a non-refundable retainer fee (50% of your rental/decorations total) with your signed contract, along with a security deposit (25% of your rental total) that will be refunded if you return all items clean, undamaged, and on time. See our payment page or "Our Rental Policies" below for more on the payment schedule.

Finishing Touches

1. The remainder of your rental balance is due one week before your event. At this time we’ll also confirm the event details with you, including delivery and pick-up times if applicable.

2. If you elect to use our delivery services, we’ll bring the items directly to your venue or the place of your choosing up to one day before your event date. We only ask that you (or someone you appoint) be there to meet us and sign our delivery confirmation sheet showing all items were received undamaged. If you’d rather pick up the items yourself, that’s great! We will supply the boxes and packing materials, and you can come to our studio to verify the condition of your order and whisk the items away.

3. If you elect to use our styling services, we’ll deliver your items to your venue free of charge and make the design you envisioned come to life. Sit back and relax while we transform your event space or photo shoot, allowing you to focus on other things!

After the Affair

1. Book us as a clean-up crew for your affair and we’ll make sure that your event tear-down goes off without a hitch—plus we’ll pack and transport your rentals back to our studio, saving you a trip. Otherwise, you’ll need to return your rental items within 36 hours of your event’s end. All items must be returned clean (don’t worry, we’ve compiled a cleaning guide to help you through that process) and undamaged. See “Our Rental Policies” below for more on the return process.

2. If your return goes smoothly, your security deposit will be returned to you within 7 business days of your event’s end. If there is an issue with the return—a lost, damaged, or unclean item, for example—fees will be deducted from the security deposit as outlined below in “Our Rental Policies.”

Our Rental Policies

The Rental Process

To expedite the rental process for our other clients, we require that you return the items to us in a clean state. That means any food, drink, or candle residue should be removed, along with any dirt if it was an outdoor occasion! We’ll provide you with a cleaning guide to help in that process, but in general some hot soapy water usually does the trick.

Damaged Items

Being a little clumsy ourselves, we understand that accidents happen and that some rental items may be damaged during transport or at your event. Upon receipt of your rentals, we'll inspect them for damage and determine if any item replacement fees will be deducted from your security deposit (don't worry, we'll notify you if that's the case!) Any damage fees greater than your security deposit will be invoiced to you. Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of many of our items, damage fees are calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Lateness Fees

We do our best to provide a realistic rental window that allows you to pick-up, style, use, and clean your items before returning them to us. As outlined above, items must be returned to us in an undamaged state within 36 hours of your event's end. For each item not returned within the rental window, 20% of the item replacement cost (calculated on an individual basis) will be deducted from the security deposit per day. After 5 days, the items are considered lost.

Delivery & Pick-Up Rates

Every event we service is completely customized, so our delivery rates are determined on a case-by-case basis. We calculate our rates based on the distance of your venue (or preferred drop-off site) from our studio, the size of your rental order, and your requested times of delivery/pick-up.

Changing Orders

Visions for an event often change over time, and we'll do our best to accommodate any necessary alterations to your order made up to 2 weeks in advance of the event. When altering the rental request, items must be replaced with rentals of equal or greater value, or will result in a loss of retainer.

Since our rental items are unique and in demand, changing a rental date can be quite tricky, but we'll work with you if something comes up and your event date moves. Should a newly-requested rental item not be available when changing dates, it must be replaced by an item of equal or greater value.

Canceled Events

Unfortunately, plans can change, and sometimes events have to be canceled altogether. For orders canceled more than one month before the event, your security deposit will be returned and your remaining balance will be forgiven. For orders canceled up to two weeks before the event, your security deposit will be returned and you'll be charged 25% of the remaining balance. For orders canceled within a week of the event, your security deposit will be returned and you'll be charged 50% of the remaining balance. The same applies to fees for services (custom searches, delivery, set-up, clean-up, custom printables, and handmade decorations).

Use of Antique Glass

As evidenced by our inventory, we love antique glassware. It looks so lovely as vases in centerpieces and as table decor. However, we do have restrictions concerning the use of our antique mason jars. Due to their age and they way they were produced, antique mason jars are unable to cope with the heat candles give off; thus, you're not permitted to use our antique masons to contain candles. These jars are also not sanitized and may have rough edges or lips; thus, they're not intended for use as drinking glasses. We have an extensive stock of new mason jars that can serve as votive holders or fun glass alternatives!

Payment Schedule

Currently, our accepted forms of payment are cash and check. To streamline your ordering process, our rentals and services follow the same payment schedule. After you make your overall selections, we'll let you know your balance based what rental items, handmade decorations, and services you're interested in. Along with your signed contract you'll pay a non-refundable retainer fee to reserve your date & rental items (50% of your total balance) and, if applicable, a security deposit (25% of your vintage rental order). The remaining 50% balance will be due 7 days before your event. If all vintage rental items are returned clean and undamaged within your rental window, the 25% security deposit will be returned to you in full within 7 business days. You'll be notified if any additional fees for dirty, damaged, or lost items are assessed within 14 business days and deducted from the 25% security deposit; overages will be billed to you. See more on the payment process here.

If you have any other questions about rentals, don't hesitate to contact us!