Pricing & Payment Information

Vintage Rentals

We pride ourselves on curating a lovely yet affordable collection of vintage rental items for event planners, photographers, florists, brides, and anyone else planning an event in the Kansas City area. Pricing information can be found by exploring our vintage rentals gallery, or by contacting us for an up-to-date list of our inventory.

Once you've contacted us to let us know what items you'd like to rent from us, we'll confirm your rental availability and draw up a contract. Sign and return it along with 50% of your rental balance (a non-refundable fee to reserve your items) and your security deposit (25% of your rental balance). The remaining 50% of your balance is due a week before your event.

If all goes well and you return the rental items in a timely manner and a clean, undamaged state, you'll get your security deposit back within 14 business days. If something does go amiss and any items are dirty, damaged, or missing, we'll notify you with the details, then deduct the fees from that deposit, return the remainder, or if necessary bill you for any overages.


Due to the unique circumstances surrounding every event, we offer our clients custom quotes for our custom search, custom printable design, event styling, delivery, and clean-up services. All payments for these services do follow the same payment schedule, however: a retainer fee of 50% of your balance is due upon receipt of your signed contract, and the remainder of your balance is due 7 days before the event. Contact us today to inquire about these services!

When contracting with us for vintage rentals, handmade decorations, or styling services, you're are entitled to one complimentary 30-minute styling consultation session at the Momentarily Yours Events studio. This time may be used to view vintage rental items or handmade decorations, or to discuss your vision for your event. Any additional 30-minute styling consultations are $20/session.

Handmade Decorations & Custom Party Printables

Prices on our handmade decorations can be found in our party craft portfolio. Once you've selected the crafts you'd like us to make and supplied us with all the necessary nitty gritty details (date of event, color scheme, quantity of decorations desired, type of paper when applicable, size/shape/dimensions of crafts) we'll get back to you with your balance and a contract. Sign and submit it along with 50% of your balance (to retain our DIY services and cover the cost of supplies), then sit pretty until we finish your crafts and hand them off to you. We'll collect the remaining 50% balance a week before your big event.

If you'd like us to make a decoration that's not currently in our crafting repertoire, awesome! We love getting our craft on and expanding our boundaries. We'll consider the cost of supplies and labor and get back to you with a custom price quote.

Our party printable design services are also an individualized process. Give us an idea of what you're looking for and we'll let you know the cost.